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Smartphone Obsession:

Would you leave your house without your smartphone? If your answer is never in a MILLION years, don’t worry you’re not alone, or remotely crazy, but maybe a little bit obsessed. 80% of people that own a smartphone are exactly like you. And a reported 72% keep their smartphones within a distance of 5 feet, the majority of the time.  I’ve even heard cases of people holding onto their phone while they sleep. And then there are the one in four people who say that can’t live without it.

Why? What is with this smartphone obsession? You might think that since you already have a computer at home, is it necessary to have a mobile one? Smartphones offer a wide range of functions, including allowing you connect with people in a variety of ways (e.g email, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp), helping you catch up on the daily news, listen to music, check your banking information, use GPS, and of course, watch online videos… all on the go. But people aren’t just using their smartphones whilst on the train or bus; there are reports that people are using their smartphones in the most unusual places, such as in the shower, movie theatres, as well as on dates.

According to another survey, 40% of people would rather give up video games, 28% would give up alcohol, 23% would rather give up coffee, and 35% would rather give up television, than part with their beloved smartphone. And those percentages are rapidly increasing.

About 77 percent said they had searched for a product or business on their phone

So, what exactly does this mean for corporate videos and businesses?

This means that there is a huge population of people constantly and consistently connected to the internet at all times. Thus, all businesses (big or small) should take advantage of our current smartphone obsession through the use of online corporate videos. According to Google Canada’s head of mobile advertising, Eric Morris, about 75% of people had streamed video on their small screen and almost one in five said they did it daily. People are watching videos on the biggest screen they have readily available to them, which happens to be their phones nowadays.

It was just only years ago that a small percentage made a purchase with their phone, and now it’s skyrocketed to a staggering 50%.

According to Insights West President Steve Mossop, this smartphone addiction is “the holy grail for marketers and businesses.”

Video consumption on mobile phones has grown faster than PC video or tablet video in the last year, with 41 MILLION people in the U.S. alone already having watched a video on their phones. That contradicts the views of doubters who thought phone screens were just too small for video, or that wireless networks would never support it.

So, if you are a small business or even a large corporation this is the time to have an online presence. And the best way to do so is create an online corporate video.

Here at Keywest we are professionals when it comes to producing online corporate videos.

Key West Video Inc. - Corporate Video Blog - Smartphone Obsession
Key West Video Inc. – Corporate Video Blog – Smartphone Obsession

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