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Key West Video worked with the Regional Municipality of York last year to create a series of Quit Smoking PSAs. The region wanted to alert people to the resources available for those interested in giving up tobacco. Through the use of personal stories, we were able to connect with the target market. In less than a minute, each testimonial tells the story of how cigarettes negatively impacted a life. Then, the audience learns how quitting has affected the featured citizens.

Set the Stage

Each video opens with a York Region graphic and the voice of the storyteller. Somber music sets the mood for an introduction to a life dependant upon tobacco. Then we see the subject on-camera and learn their name and where in York Region they reside.

Hearing a personal story is relatable because it’s full of concrete situations, feelings and consequences. It’s an effective way to connect with your audience. This approach allows a viewer to see themselves in the same situation in a way statistics can’t mimic. Here, Corrine talks about her family and the importance of quitting smoking for them.

The Darkside of Smoking

Over the course of a sit-down interview, we learn about the subject’s history with tobacco and how it has adversely affected their life.  Below, Dave talks about his many years of smoking, the habitual aspect of his addiction and what finally led him to quit. Simple b-roll provides some visual variety.

The Light

In each video, there is a point at which the music changes. This signals a decisive moment when the subject talks about quitting smoking. Every person struggled with their addiction and the effort it took to quit. Richard reveals that it was his young family that made him think about quitting. He goes on to share how freeing that decision was.

Learn More about Smoking

Corrine, David and Richard all share personal stories, each compelling in a different way. The stories end with the subjects encouraging others to quit smoking or to seek help quitting. The videos wrap with a strong message about why being smoke-free has changed their lives for the better. As each person finishes talking, we see a back page with a link to York-sponsored resources.

Using Storytelling to Connect

Great storytelling creates an emotional connection—science proves this! Whether you’re using client testimonials to promote your services or your CEO has a great story about how she started the company, audiences relate to real people and real experiences. At Key West Video, we can help you tell your story. Call us today for a free quote.

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