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Snapchat Vs. Instagram, And How The Game Is Not Yet Won

It seems like Snapchat is here to stay.

Remember when we all thought Snapchat was about to lose to Instagram stories?

Well, think again.

Snapchat Versus Instagram, And How The Game Is Not Yet Won

The snap story app recently announced its plans to host original content, this time in the form of television, according to Mashable.

In collaboration with Turner, the global media company responsible for Adult Swim and Cartoon Network (to name a few), Snapchat will introduce the US version of The Bleacher Report, an international channel on Snapchat Discover. It’s also bolstering its overall video quality and is now selling ads as a means of improving revenue.

Apparently, The Bleacher Report show reaches over 250 million people a month across the social media platform, with more than 80% of its audience being under the age of 34.

Sounds like Instagram has competition.

We all thought Instagram stories would be the end of Snapchat when it rolled out with its own version of the app. With slightly longer video and a wider viewing base (unlike Snapchat which only allows snaps to be seen by approved viewers, Instagram stories are open to the public), it quickly became a direct contender with the app.

However, the app has managed to maintain its reign, and with the partnering of a major content distributor to produce better sales content and ad revenue, there’s no telling what’s next for the app.

For corporate companies, this can prove instrumental in creating a strong digital presence. The popular app also allows for branded filters as a fun way for users to engage with a company while at an event.

For corporate companies this can also mean trying to decipher which app is best to utilize. We say both. Instagram is still new to the disappearing story scene, and although it’s unclear whether it will introduce ads onto its stories (the app has already introduced sponsored ads in our timelines), it still remains a strong competitor in an ever-changing digital field.

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