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Are Social Experiments A Good Idea For Your Corporate Video?

Social experiments are meant to teach us a thing or two about the society we live in.

But are social experiments a good idea for your corporate video?

Are Social Experiments A Good Idea For Your Corporate Video?
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Social experiments are meant to highlight how we, as a society, live. They shed light on social issues, such as mental illnesses, crime rates, and various other topics affecting a wide range of demographics.

If you’re an NGO, charitable organization, or a company that works in service with a target demographic, conducting social experiments via corporate video might be a good way to create a meaningful dialogue around an issue.

Mirinda, a Spanish beverage company, recently did a social experiment video sparking a conversation about pressures teens face in school. In collaboration with India’s National Crime Records Bureau, the suicide rates amongst India’s youth are one of the highest in the world. The social experiment followed kids expressing how they feel about the pressures of school, studying, and exams. They wrote letters to their parents, who were then brought in to read them separately. In a tear-jerking video, parents get the raw, unadulterated fears, thoughts, and feelings of kids who are feeling pressure.

This campaign (with hashtag #ReleasethePressure) was just one of many examples of how corporate companies can get involved with societal issues – especially among teens.

In Canada, Bell started its #BellLetsTalk initiative on social media to create awareness and fight stigmas surrounding mental health issues.

Companies across the nation are becoming more and more involved in social issues that directly affect their demographic. To be quite honest, a social experiment video is the very least a corporate company can do to support its customers.

Social experiments are not limited to not-for-profit or charitable organization sector, either. If the issue is pressing enough, it might be beneficial to team up with a company who’s experienced in dealing with particular issues and/or has the resources to conduct research.

In short, social experiments that ask questions, draw conclusive answers based on qualitative research, and highlight issues are always beneficial to a corporate company and its audience. And corporate video is the perfect way to do it.

Here at Key West Video, we have years of experience working with companies to create meaningful video companies that speak to social issues. To see our creative video campaign portfolio for similar work we’ve done in the past, visit our website.

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