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Social Media Explained

It’s no secret that social media has taken over the way we communicate. In an increasingly rapid digital world, content creators and corporate companies alike find it hard to keep up with the trends, much less stay one foot in front of their competitors.

With visual storytelling apps like Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat, the barriers that once barred commoners from creating compelling social media content is now open to all.

A large part of what makes social media so powerful is its ability to generate user participation. We are now in a realm where we can curate our interests and change industries. After the massive success of Facebook and Twitter, other social media apps took note of the way we participate in our own virtual lives and began catering directly to us.

The main idea behind successful social media apps is to share, share, share. By letting your audience do the storytelling for themselves, it makes it easier for them to become the creators of their own stories.

While we’re not saying you need to become the next Twitter or Facebook, you do need to think about how current applications operate. How can you engage your audience? Do your customers feel like they have a say in what they want?

Social Media & Marketing

Another thing to consider is what outlet would be best to put your social media content out on. Though Snapchat recently became the third most popular app amongst Millennials, you may not want to put out disposable content. However, if dedication to consistency, this might not affect you. Certain brands have found that apps like Snapchat and Periscope are great ways to promote exclusivity by taking audiences “behind the scenes” with live content.

Vine is another fun way to put out 6-second spots with the potential to go viral.

Most companies would find Instagram to be ideal, given the 15-second range for video. Unlike Snapchat, it is permanent unless deleted by its user, making it easier to share on other social media platforms. And unlike Vine, it is, of course, longer.


It’s essential to define what kind of story you’d like to tell before you choose your social media platform. Since time is limited, each millisecond of your content should serve a visual purpose. People underestimate how much can fit into a Vine post, or how long an Instagram video is.

Providing sharable content is key to creating a substantial online presence. You should aim for social media content that can gain you visibility. Create enticing thumbnails on Instagram with Youtube links in your bio page, for example.

Are you interested in creating an excellent video for social media? We at Key West Video pride ourselves on making sharable content for all social media platforms.

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