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Why You Should Capitalize On Social Media In a Timely Manner

It’s not enough to simply put out a corporate video into the universe; you’ve got to have a plan. And that plan must be timely.

One thing that social media gives us is a strong sense of urgency. It’s up to us to honour our content in a timely manner.

Social media platforms like Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook give us the opportunity to connect with others instantaneously. They enable users to communicate with large amounts of people all at once. They also are a breeding ground fo viral content.

Cue corporate video.

A lot of times, corporate companies aren’t as social media savvy as they’d like to be. Companies with years of prestige simply aren’t aware of how to maximize their online presence. This was happening so often that companies like IHOP and Wendy’s almost completely rebranded online.

This is why you’ll hear about corporates opening up entirely new departments just for online marketing.

Why You Should Capitalize On Social Media In a Timely Manner
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Now, when running a corporate video campaign, it’s essential to have an online marketing strategy. If your campaign is ongoing, it might be a good idea to have an ongoing roster of video to pull from. Videos must be put out in a timely fashion in order to retain viewership and keep audiences engaged. Think of it as cable or broadcast television, in which shows air weekly. The longer the breaks in between content, the more risk you run of losing viewership.

Capitalizing on social media means releasing content when it’s hot. It means releasing more content to build on the momentum of your initial video. It means connecting with other popular users to give visibility to your brand when it first launches. Utilize popular trends or topics that have the potential to reach the masses. Be aware of the world around you.

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