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Should You Use Social Media As a Tool In Your Corporate Video?

Social media can be a powerful tool to get your message across. But what about using it in your corporate video?

Major digital companies could benefit from using aspects of social media in their campaigns. Apple’s latest ad campaign used tweets as a tool to draw interest in its product, the iPad Pro.

The ad features giant print-outs of tweets that revolve around the new product. The tweets either suggest that users are dissatisfied with the product, are skeptical about buying it or frustrated with their old laptops and Wi-Fi.

What’s interesting to note is Apple’s use of social media in this campaign. In hindsight, these unflattering tweets could arguably hurt a brand. However, Apple uses them as a creative way to draw attention to user concerns, solve problems, and find answers to complaints.

McDonald’s had a similar idea when it launched its open question campaign in an attempt to be more open about its menu with the public. The company did this knowing full well that it was under fire for its meat authenticity.

If it’s controllable, brands can effectively use social media as a tool to shed light on user concerns as a way of publicly answering popular questions. It not only shows that a company is paying attention to customer issues but also reinforces a customer’s faith in the brand by prioritizing their concerns.

Should You Use Social Media As a Tool In Your Corporate Video?
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Apple’s use of social media in this ad only reinforces its role as a leading, innovative brand. It’s a brilliant way to solidify a strong social media presence while making noise about a campaign at the same time. It’s also an engaging and informative way to answer questions to spark meaningful dialogue. It’s a company’s way of publicly acknowledging concerns by voicing them through social media.

In other words, using social media in a corporate video (as opposed to just a platform) can be a strong and powerful tool. Established Fortune 500 companies should take note.

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