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On today’s blog, we delve into psychology. More specifically, social psychology as it pertains to marketing. We’re talking about social proof or the idea that we trust others who have gone before us. Humans value the opinions of people who have tested the waters (or products) and reported their findings. These opinions can come from anyone including experts and celebrities or crowds and friends. Let’s take a closer look at social proof and its influence on video marketing.

What’s the Idea Behind Social Proof?

social proof
Social proof acts as a stamp of approval

The idea Social Proof Theory, also known as Informational Social Influence Theory, was popularized by psychologist Robert Cialdini. He postulated that when humans are in a situation and unsure of how to behave, we look at how other people are behaving and follow suit. Social proof takes aim at the root of our insecurities, confirming our feelings or decisions. This confirmation can help form, reinforce, or change opinions.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It

Examples illustrating the use of social proof are everywhere.

  • Canned laughter. The best way to make an audience laugh? Encourage them with canned laughter.
  •  Nine out of ten doctors recommend all kinds of things, and we think you’ll take their advice.
  • Phobia treatments. Watching others do things that cause anxiety is a proven therapy to help people overcome fears.
  •  Looting. This is an example of negative social proof. If everyone else is doing something, it seems like acceptable behaviour.
  •  Endorsements. When a famous chef recommends a food product, it’s perceived as a worthy investment.
  • Online reviews. Have you read reviews on sites like Homestars and Amazon? Us, too.

Practical Applications for Video Marketing

So how can you use social proof as reinforcement for your marketing strategy when it comes to video? Again, there are many examples, starting with case studies. We have an entire section of our blog dedicated to case studies.  It’s a great way to illustrate how our video services have helped businesses succeed.

Testimonials are another powerful and effective form of social proof. We love testimonials and many of our customers use them in website-based videos. When a customer talks about their personal experience, they create an emotional connection with the viewer. It’s often easier for a potential customer to relate to and trust the opinion of a real person over a company representative. Reviews are closely related to testimonials but can be more product and service specific.

social proof
Social media reviews are a form of social proof

You can use Social Media for social proof. Positive comments from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms can be woven into a video. The logos for popular social media outlets are easily recognizable and carry clout.

Data and hard numbers are an indisputable form of social proof. If you have sales numbers, customer service statistics, or growth charts, use those to illustrate the success of your company. It’s impressive and convincing to see a business has been around for thirty-five years or has a 95% customer satisfaction rating.

Affiliations are another way to show the customer your worth. If your company has provided services for a recognizable brand, talk about those clients. We can include relevant logos in a video to visually reinforce the relationship. The same goes for certifications, platform integrations, and badges.

The Proof is in the Video

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool. As discussed in this blog, there are many ways to use social proof in a video. If you’re looking to boost business using this approach, we can help. Call us today for a free quote.

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