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Social Media Storytelling and Corporate Video

We often overlook the ways corporate video can utilize the power of storytelling. What would happen if we took full advantage of tools to improve our marketing strategies?

Storytelling is in everything we do. We as humans crave the drama in a good story – we ache for details, cringe at tragedy and long for happy endings. We require some persuasive appeal to make a decision.

We have an unconscious need to be nudged.

Here are some ways your company can improve its social media marketing strategy through online storytelling:

1. Following Story Structure

Social Media Examiner references Freytag’s pyramid as a powerful tool for story structure. It separates a story into five major arcs: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Like most narratives, social media storytelling must follow some flow. Otherwise, the message becomes lost. Think of ways in which your company can emulate these aspects. How can you best explain your marketing initiative in a subtle, but succinct way? What sort of investment can your business draw out of its audience? What is the gratifying climactic point? Is there an emotional payoff? And how will your story conclude?

For marketing campaigns with clear intentions, creating a solid story structure not only sends the message home but keeps viewers coming back for more.

2. Using Story Ads

By telling your ads in story-form, viewers are more likely to engage and interact with your content. Online ads such as Facebook advertisements are great ways to expand your reach.

It only makes sense that companies should take advantage of this opportunity to engage with their viewers. With compelling content and a clear call to action, story ads can prove highly beneficial to corporate companies looking to expand their online presence.

Check out these awesome social media advertisements that utilize storytelling in the most creative ways.

3. Adding Audience Value

By incorporating an interconnected system, you distance yourself from just branding and allow your business to cater to your customers’ values. What do they care about? And how can you include this in your company’s brand packaging?

This is your opportunity to develop your core audience, develop a communication strategy that speaks directly to them, and create a forum in which there is a two-way avenue for extensive outreach and connection. Give them an incentive to interact with you.

4. Telling Familiar Stories

…is yet another strategy based on your audience. Familiarity humanizes your brand and shows your audience that you are not only paying attention to what they care about, but also indicates that you care about what they do. It’s a way for audiences to familiarize themselves with a product or service that might be entirely new to them.

5. Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Last but not least, you’ll need a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to drive the message home. At its core, a UVP describes why consumers should choose your company. It’s a clear statement that offers the benefits of selecting you, how you can solve others’ needs and why you stand out. It’s a repeated message all over your brand and should be on virtually every aspect of your company including your website’s main page and social media.

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