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Sponsored content is a subtle form of advertising. Designed to look and feel like any other piece of content found in the same area, they have an authentic and relatable message. The most successful sponsored videos are entertaining, useful and create a positive connection with the sponsor’s brand.

Authentic and Relatable

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A sponsored video should feel authentic, not forced

Let’s be honest—sponsored content has come a long way. At its advent, it felt like trickery. You might get halfway through a video before realizing it was sponsored and then you’d feel duped. Today’s sponsorships are honest and up-front about their sponsor connection, aiming to offer tips and tricks the viewer can actually use.

When choosing a sponsor partner, make sure you’re brand aware. You’d never pair a pet store client with a video series on financial investment because it just doesn’t make sense. However, a pet store client and a dog trainer are a perfect pairing! As long as the pet trainer and the pet store don’t have wildly conflicting views on pet-related topics—don’t match a vegan pet food company with a meat-only trainer—the sponsored video is honing in on the correct audience.

Sponsored videos should feel natural and not shout ADVERTISEMENT. The smartest branded content engages the target market and results in shares, comments and likes. If it’s done right, the video builds familiarity and creates an association with the brand.


sponsored videos
Tasty + Chobani = success

The internet is CHOCK-FULL of sponsored videos. You’re likely familiar with BuzzFeed’s wildly popular Tasty offshoot and the site’s videos. Seeing as how Tasty is all about food, it makes sense that they paired with Chobani Yogurt. The resulting recipes all feature the sponsor ingredient in a perfectly-integrated way. Tasty gets views, Chobani gets customers and the viewer gets ideas for their next snack or meal.

One of our favourite sponsored videos plays to a viewer’s emotions. Momondo, a global travel search site, paired with AncestryDNA to hit an advertising home run. It really isn’t fair to say more (spoilers!). Whether you’re watching this for the first time or the tenth time, it works. You can read the back story here.

Monetize Video

Sponsored video content is an effective online marketing tool that spreads the word about your business or product. Because it’s not traditional advertising, it can bypass ad-blocking software and enable you to attract new customers via your partner. It’s possible to grow your audience and see business gains by partnering with a sponsor.

Time to Pair Up?

Key West Video can help you find the kind of video approach that works for your business. Give us a call today to discuss a sponsored video, explainer, customer testimonial or whatever kind of production suits you perfectly.

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