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There’s something about #sports #advertisements that make us feel something. Whether you’re an #athlete, #business #professional, or just someone with #ambition, sports advertisements ignite something within all of us that motivates us to meet new heights.

We’ve all seen how effective sports ads are. They usually have high definition video of fast-paced shots. The subject is always in action. Usually, the athlete won’t even speak on camera. Instead, #voiceovers and b-roll are utilized.

Usually, effective sports ads emphasize the need to get up and do something. They have an overall motivational message, with generic motivational #keywords that are appreciated across the board.

They’re Innovative

Sport Chek discovered how useful this was right away. In an initiative called #SweatforThis, they featured a host of athletes showcasing their want, obstacles, and struggles while playing the sports they love.

In 30 seconds, we get an idea of what sort of adversity athletes face when getting the job done. Advertisements force us to dig a little deeper to find that inner strength to carry us throughout the day.

And it’s not just sports companies. Mercedes-Benz took advantage of this type of opportunities in their fast-paced marketing video. Even car companies loosely affiliated with sports organizations use this model, too.

They Sell Us an Experience


They don’t feel like we’re being advertised to. Instead of a call to action (read: buy), they usually seek to challenge us. The Super Bowl is notorious for its platform with a plethora of ads. While we know their main goal is converting exposure into sales, we are usually left feeling like we want an experience instead of a product.

They Require Special Video Skills

Armenia-Italy football game


For filmmakers and videographers, sports ads usually need creative ideas and new styles and techniques. Using drones or GoPro cameras to film Parkour stunts are a lot more challenging than shooting static footage.

This is not to say that there aren’t bad sports ads. Ideally, your video will be a well-shot, concise video with stunning video quality and a clear message.

Here at Key West Video, we create stellar sports videos to guarantee our client’s satisfaction. Check out our latest video for our client, Way2Fit:


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