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Ah, spring. It’s a time for renewal and a good time to take stock. Perhaps it’s also an ideal opportunity to check in with your small business plan? Many people consider this time of year as one to shift perspectives or change things up, which could translate to profits for your business. It’s a chance for you to take the bull by the horns and whip your company into shape. As the flowers start to bloom and warmer weather makes us all look ahead to better days, what are your spring business plans?

Ask Yourself This…

Whether you’re thinking about an complete overhaul or just a refresh, spring business plans should start with an overview. Look at records for the past year to get a solid idea of what’s been happening. Assess how you’ve done with long- and short-term goals. Ask yourself questions about the business like the ones below to decide how to move ahead:

  • Has the mission statement changed?
  • Have company values changed?
  • Has company vision changed?
  • How has COVID changed the way we market and sell our product or service?
  • Have products or services changed?
  • Is our target market the same as it was a year ago?
  • Has the workforce grown or shrunk? Are there any new or obsolete positions?
  • Did the company hit its financial projections? If not, why?

Social Media for Spring Business Plans

If you added a position to the team in the last year, we bet it has something to do with social media. Especially during the pandemic, social media has been vital in letting customers know what your business is doing. To that end, are your digital communication channels in order? Make sure your website is up-to-date and lists your social media accounts so customers know the latest information. Click through website pages to ensure all logos, contact information, and product or services details are current. Pay attention to analytics, including video metrics, for your website and social media channels to understand where you get attention. Focus on what’s working and consider dropping the platforms that don’t jive with your business.

Show that you’re keeping content fresh by looking the part. Try updating your digital assets to reflect the change of seasons. This could be as easy as adding some window dressing with graphics, banners, or stickers on your website. Take the refresh a step further by producing new content or even updating old blogs. For social media, create or follow an existing social media calendar to ensure regular posts. Current content boosts SEO and shows visitors the business is active. And be sure to show off any spring-related products!

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Look Within

Let’s talk goals. Sure, sales goals are great but it’s been hard to forecast during the pandemic. What about business goals that can be achieved regardless of lockdowns and restrictions? Have you talked about starting a blog in the past? They’re great for increasing awareness, boosting SEO, and fostering thought leadership. Is there an inventory job you’ve been putting off? What about thoroughly cleaning the office space and donating any items your team is no longer using? A spring business plan could focus on making the company more efficient from the inside out. Yes, it’s hard to get started but the rewards when you’re done will be worth it!

Focus on Spring

Even if you don’t own a gardening centre, we bet you could promote your business in a way that screams spring. Think about what you do, look at inventory, and give it a springtime spin. Make customers see your business in a new light. Try presenting services or products as a seasonal offering. Here are a few ideas:

  • Landscapers: Remind people that it’s time to clean up and get ready to plant! Offer a package that includes raking the yard and readying the flower boxes, planting grass seed, and trimming the trees as part of a spring package.
  • Clothing stores: Showcase bright, new clothes in lighter fabrics. Have a sale on spring jackets and umbrellas.
  • Patisseries: Highlight cupcakes with pastel frosting, flower cookies, and light flavours like citrus and berry. Decorate with edible flowers and promote birthday cakes in bright colours.
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Promote the seasonal aspects of your business

Check your local BIA or community calendar and see where your business can get involved this spring, then let everyone know about it.  Is your crew helping with a local park clean-up? Are you sponsoring a community event? Is the company part of an outdoor fair or market? Tell your customers what you’re doing this spring through social media, your website, or a newsletter. Neighbourhood involvement makes your business appealing to people who live in the area.

Spring Into Action

Get inspired by the time of year and make some spring business plans. Spread the sunshine with a pot or two of flowers at the entrance to your shop. Advertise new products with an eye-catching spring post on Instagram. Give your website a facelift with an animation of trees in bloom. Spring clean your business and tap into the positive feelings of revitalization happening right now.

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