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Square Video

Video formats are ever-evolving. That’s because our options for shooting and sharing video are ever-increasing. So why is square video a good option?


Let’s start by talking about aspect ratio.  These numbers refer to the height and width of a video. Landscape video, which is 16:9, is likely the format you know best. It’s wider than it is high and it’s what you see when you turn your phone sideways or watch a movie on tv. Square video is 1:1 and, well, it’s square!

It’s Hip to be Square Video

Square video
Square video stands out

Why do you want to have a square video? Because the 1:1 aspect ratio occupies 78% more space than a 16:9 video when it comes to mobile applications. That means square video fills the full space of a newsfeed viewed on Facebook. And Facebook is a very popular place to view videos, so why not cater to that preference? Oh, and Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest? Those apps post inside the (square) box, too. People are also more likely to watch a square video than a landscape video. The format wins in views, engagement and completion rate.

When you’re considering the type of video you want to shoot, consider your platform. Where will your video play? Where can you reach your audience? Is the platform you’re using able to play a square video, or will that video be cropped or have black bars added to accommodate your post?

Here’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to square video versus landscape video. If you’re posting to social media, go for square. Although, be aware that YouTube prefers landscape. If you’re shooting for any other platform, go for landscape.

Double Down

Some marketers choose to cover all their bases and shoot in both aspect ratios. That way, they can run a campaign on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and wherever else they find their audience. The consumer drives demand and until the next great format comes along, businesses will follow their target market.

We Deliver

At Key West Video, we can shoot whatever aspect ratio suits client needs. Call us today for a quote.

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