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Why Using Stock Footage Makes Sense

Stock footage, images used in a production but not shot specifically for that production, is an integral part of corporate video. Let’s have a look at some of the many applications.

How is Stock Footage Used?

Stock footage is used to fill gaps. Even though visuals may have been shot for a specific product or business, there are still sometimes holes when it comes to editing. For example, a video for an environmentally safe antifreeze has the following line in the script: Safe to use around pets and children. You have many shots of the product and people using the product, but you didn’t shoot with kids or animals. So you find clips of kids playing near a car and a happy dog to fill the empty spaces.

stock footage
Use stock footage for difficult or expensive shots

Difficult or expensive set-ups demand the use of stock as well. Getting an underwater dive shot in a tropical location when you’re creating a tourism video for a travel company based in Ottawa is a tall order. Traveling to the Caribbean for a single and possibly complex shot doesn’t make any financial sense. Spending a fraction the money to buy that shot is the better option.

When you need a shot of something famous, this is the way to go. Let’s say you mention the Eiffel Tower in your video and you need to show the iconic structure. In the case of well-known buildings and locations, somebody else has already taken the time and effort to produce the image. Why not take advantage of their work?

What Kinds of Video Use Stock Footage?

Some videos consist entirely of stock footage. Due to time or budget constraints, you may opt to use footage that’s already in the can. A video that can be illustrated or explained using stock can translate to a project that’s quickly completed.

stock footage
A speeding train can illustrate urgency

It can be difficult to communicate emotions or abstract concepts. Sometimes using metaphors in a video is the best approach. If you need to convey the urgency of a situation, a shot of a train barrelling down the tracks may work with your script. Stock footage has that.

Stock Footage Pitfall

There is sometimes a concern that stock will look out of place when combined with custom footage. Good producers and editors know how to use stock footage so it meshes seamlessly with the rest of the video. This can be achieved through editing segues, colour correction and by mirroring the overall look of the piece.

Is It Expensive?

The rates can vary. Generally, stock footage is a reasonable option for corporate video. Mostly, it’s a matter or how much you’re using and whether it’s more economical to shoot original footage or use stock. If you’re wondering how much it would cost to use stock in your video, you can always call us for a free quote.

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