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Storyboard creation is the jumping-off point for corporate video. It’s the road map to success and clearly defines what you want to say, how you’ll say it and how it will look.

We’re all on the Same Page

A storyboard helps the client visualize the final video. Not everyone is an expert in the field, so it’s important to show what’s possible. This step is vital to a successful corporate video. It puts the client and the producer on the same page and working together toward a unified vision.

Storyboards come in a bunch of different flavours. Producers can use photos, animation stills, stock footage or descriptions to illustrate their vision. The most important thing is that the client gets a clear idea of how their final video will look.


Measure Twice, Cut Once

The question we hear most often is this: how long will the video take to make? Well, that really depends on the project and a bunch of other things. The good news is that when you take the time to storyboard a project, you’ll save time and money in the long run.

Storyboards are the essays of the video world

For us, producing a storyboard is like writing an essay. We gather all the information from a client and then lay it out in a way that makes sense as a video. This helps us organize our thoughts and actions leading up to a shoot. Then the client looks at the storyboard to make sure we’ve interpreted their vision in a way that works for them.

Changes at this stage are much easier than in post-production. If the client sees an issue or wants to substitute anything from a voice-over to a shot, it’s easy to do that on paper. Once we head out into the field, or after we’ve already shot, it’s much more difficult to address these issues.

No Storyboard Needed

There are times when a storyboard is unnecessary. If you’re shooting a talking head, like a video intro to a conference or an employee address, a storyboard is overkill. Similarly, live events don’t benefit from this kind of pre-production. That’s not to say that you don’t go into these types of videos without a game plan. They still need forethought, they just don’t need a storyboard.

If You have the Story, We Have the Storyboard

If you have a story to tell, Key West Video can make it into a storyboard, and in turn a completed video. Call us today for a free quote.

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