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If you haven’t already heard, STORYTELLING is out! It’s hip younger sister ‘STORYDOING’ is the new kid on the block!

I know. I was shocked too. I stumbled across the term StoryDoing in an article on ViralBlog, which laid out the basics and I just HAD to dig deeper. Searching for the expression on Google I realized that a company called Co: Collective invented the term and the school of thought behind it. They use this methodology to reinvent businesses, brands, and products. They’ve even written a book, True Story, outlining how to StoryDo for your company.

The concept is simple, yet effective. The concept is that there are certain companies out there that sell their brand through a story. While there are a select few, who don’t just sell the story but they live it. In every aspect of what they do and how they interact with the public, they SHOW instead of TELL.

Co: Collective has created a website to foster the discovery and growth of their unique concept. not only provides a nice breakdown of the idea, but they have gone on to analyze well-known companies in the space to showcase the differences between storytelling and StoryDoing.

Here’re The Basics:

They analyzed 42 publicly traded companies. Seven of them classified as “StoryDoers”, and 35 of them classified as traditional storytellers. Here is what they found.


StoryDoing Companies Grow Revenue Faster


 StoryDoing Companies Invest Less in Paid Media


StoryDoing Companies Have a More Positive Social Media Presence

As Well as a Higher Share Price Growth

Annualized share price growth (2007-2013)

The analytics come from data that Co: Collective sourced through various publicly available information, which they specify on their site.I would be interested in seeing a more comprehensive breakdown on the strategies of the seven companies that they outline as being StoryDoers, in comparison to the 35 others.

Where will this concept go? Will others latch on and try to develop their businesses around this model? Tell us your thoughts and join the conversation.

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