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Let us tell you a story about stories. There’s no better way to share information and really connect with an audience. Just look at social media. Stories are featured on just about every platform, from Instagram to LinkedIn. An estimated 970 million users post daily stories on Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Instagram alone gets 300 million story posts each day. People are actively contributing and watching this content because the format works. In fact, storytelling is an important part of corporate video production. Here are some ways you can use the technique to your business advantage.

Be the Expert

You’re an expert in your field, so tell the people what you know! The things you understand well or take for granted may be news to your viewers. Educate them with knowledge about your industry, service field, or whatever it is your company does. This kind of thought leadership leads to trust. And the next time someone needs the product or service you provide, it’s more likely you’ll come to mind.

Get Trendy

Trends are what’s hot and new, and everyone wants to get onboard. For example, our clients have been asking about crowd-funding videos and calling about quotes for app explainers. These are two types of videos we’ve been seeing more requests for in the last couple of years. Now would  be a great time for us to produce a video that talks about how we’re addressing these needs. If your business can cater to a current trend, you probably have an audience searching for that information. Give them a place to land and tell them how your business can help.

storytelling for corporate - capitalize on trends
Capitalize on the trends people are searching

How Do I…

Have you ever seen the tv show How It’s Made? The story of how something is created can be informational and entertaining. Do you sell a product that people are curious about? Could you use video to tell the story of how your goods are manufactured? From creating machinery to baking a wedding cake, this kind of video generates a lot of interest.

Tell Me Something Personal

A personal story can be very compelling. Whether a viewer is watching a customer or someone from the team, getting real on-camera makes people lean in. A testimonial from one of your clients gives the audience a chance to learn about a problem your business solved. The viewer may have the same issue and storytelling will help them understand how they can also benefit from your services. Or you could ask employees to talk about their involvement with the business. Seeing someone who is knowledgeable and passionate talk about your company gives the viewer confidence in your brand. Both of these examples help create feelings of trust in the customer.

storytelling for corporate - recommendations
Viewers see testimonials like a recommendation from a friend

What’s Your Brand?

Where did your business start? Do you have a family story to tell? Was there a eureka moment that led the founder to create a company? Tell your origin story and how you got from there to here. This is another way to get personal with potential customers. Giving clients a chance to learn more about your business can make them feel they know you and want to work with you.

The Value of Storytelling for Corporate Video

Storytelling is an effective way to give your business an edge on the competition. It’s an opportunity to emotionally connect with the viewer and stand out in a crowd. Think about it this way: stories stick with people. If you went to a party and spent the same amount of time talking to two lawyers, who would you remember? Person A who told you about the general parameters of their work? Or Person B who told you a story about a case they won? Now you can see the value of storytelling for corporate video.

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