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When it comes to making a video, there are myriad approaches. First of all, there are a variety of animation options. But if you choose to go with live-action video, there are also some choices to be made. Do you shoot at your office or business? What about picking a field location, which can be indoors or outdoors? Or you can record in a production studio. There are a lot of advantages to shooting in a studio. At Key West Video, we’re mobile and our talented camera crew can shoot anywhere. However, using our studio gives us the home field advantage. Let’s talk about some of the ways shooting in-house puts us, and our clients, in a good position.

Equipment on Hand

Just like being in your own home provides the comfort of having everything you need at hand, shooting a video in our studio means we have access to all our equipment. Our field crews always pack plenty of gear (and backup gear) for a shoot, but we can’t take the whole studio! Working from home our base means we can always grab an extra mic, light, stand, scrim, or any other piece of equipment needed. Even if plans change on shoot day, we’ll be prepared.

Control Over Environment

Even when it’s raining, studio weather is always perfect!

Outdoor shoots are great, but they can be risky. We always check the forecast and scout a location prior to a shoot, but there can still be surprises on shoot day. Using our studio gives us control over the conditions that can adversely affect a video production. First of all, it never rains at Key West Video. Also, the sun is never at the wrong angle and it’s never too bright. Day or night, we know the lighting is going to be good. Same goes for the sound. Being in a controlled studio environment means we don’t have to deal with wind noise on the mic or disruptive traffic that can interfere with audio . Instead, we have a quiet space that’s well-lit and free from distractions.

Time Saver

Just like any good host, we prepare for our guests. When you shoot in our studio, we can get everything ready before you arrive. The result: you walk into a fully setup space. There’s no need to build setup time into your shoot day, which means our crew won’t need to come to your office early. By extension, you won’t need to have a longer shoot day. Because the team is very familiar with our studio space, they can work quickly and efficiently once clients arrive. This process can shave hours off a project, saving you time and money.

Green Screen Capability

Did we mention that our studio has green screen capability? That means we can shoot in front of the green screen and fill in the background with scenery, graphics, animation, or really anything that will enhance your project. Our camera operators, editors, and animators have all worked with footage shot in front of green screens. The crew is more than ready to transform recorded material into something special.

Green Room

Speaking of green things, Key West Video also has a green room. This space is adjacent to our studio and can be used before or between recording sessions. You can go over what you’ll be saying on camera, have your makeup done, relax with a cup of coffee, or blow off some nervous energy playing one of our video games. That’s right—we have a few arcade games in the office. However you choose to make the most of the green room, it acts as extra space accessible to clients using the studio.

Easy Access

The Key West Video offices are conveniently located near the intersection of Dufferin and Steeles. This area is easy to access via public transit and the complex also has a large parking lot. There are a number of restaurants, coffee shops, and stores in the area for client convenience. We think you’ll find choosing to shoot at our studio has benefits beyond the studio space.

Be Our Guests

The final advantage of shooting at the Key West Video studio is the fact that our staff will be on-hand. They can make you feel at home and take care of anything you need. After all, you’re in our house and we want you to be comfortable. We also want you to know that during the pandemic, we’re serious about taking COVID-19 precautions. Employees are masked at work and practice physical distancing. We also keep the crew to a minimum and can stagger shoot times so the studio is as empty as possible. If you have a video project that’s looking for a space, we have the perfect place in mind! Call us today to find out about booking just the studio or our complete video services.

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