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Key West Video Announced as a 2022 National and Local Excellence Award Winner by UpCity!


Key West Video recently moved offices. Actually, we acquired a second office in the same complex. This new space houses post-production and a nifty boardroom. The original office remains our home base occupied by administration, producers and the boss. It’s also where you’ll find our studio. Moving some of our team has allowed us to create a large, comfortable green room. This gives clients even more incentive to use the studio, which has always been a draw. Wondering what goes on in a corporate video production studio? Probably more than you realize.

Green Screen

Our studio has green screen capability. That means we can replace the background of a shot with any picture, video or pattern. From interviews backed by a subtle colour gradation to music videos with castles, we’ve replaced our big green wall with all sorts of customized images. The sky really is the limit when it comes to green screen.


Most of our shoots are done on-location. Traveling across North America, our shooters work with clients in their homes and businesses. But sometimes it’s easier for people to come to us. The studio is a space custom-built to accommodate video recording. Clients can use this facility for interviews and testimonials without disrupting an office or home. We can even create a set for your interview if you’re interested in making the space look like the office or home without the hassle of hosting.


studio headshot
Headshots help businesses connect with clients

It’s not unusual to have our studio booked for headshots. Not only are our shooters talented videographers, but they also do still photos. Does your business need updated team pictures for your website? Or maybe you have new employees you’d like to add to your portfolio? Key West Video is always ready to put your best business face forward with professional headshots. Using our studio gives us access to house lighting and custom backdrops. Say cheese!

Product Shots

studio water bottle
Studio shots for web and print use

We don’t just photograph people in our studio; we also photograph products. Professional shots of your product can be used in a video, on your website, in pamphlets—anywhere you want a picture-perfect image. We work with our clients to give them what they need, varying angles and lighting to create pics that help explain and promote their product.

Self-Tape Audition

If you’re not an actor, you may be unfamiliar with the term “self-tape”. This is an audition done remotely, then sent to a casting director. It’s something we do a lot of in our studio. We have a quiet, private, equipped space for actors to record their piece. Once the client is finished, we send them a file of their audition. It’s as easy as that!

Music Videos

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of music pass through our studio. From gospel to rap, the Key West Video facility has been used by musicians who want a visual to go with their audio. Sometimes we’re part of the project, taking care of the shooting and editing. Other times, artists just want to use our space and shoot their own video. Either way, we like to think we’ve helped more than a few people realize their musical aspirations.

101 Studio Uses

The Key West Video studio has witnessed a lot since we took up residence in North York more than four years ago. Now that the office has expanded, clients have even more room to prep and shoot whatever their project requires. If you’re interested in finding out more about using our studio, give us a call.

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