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As you can imagine, an office full of editors, shooters, animators, and video people have holiday wish lists full of tech gadgets. We like our tech toys! Since today is Black Friday, we’re thinking about all the deals on the stuff we want. In the interest of providing you with some direction this shopping season—honest, this is an altruistic gesture—we present this blog covering a few of the season’s hottest items.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality headsets range from DIY cardboard cutouts to wireless sets made with soft, breathable fabric. Are you just curious about the format and only willing to spend a little bit of money, or are you looking for the best option regardless of cost? You can pay $30 or $800 for these tech gadgets. At the low end, all your need is a smart phone and a simple cardboard viewer to test out the format. At the high end, you’ll need a game console or a PC with plenty of processing power. You may also need to buy motion controllers and other accessories. Check out this buyer’s guide and a review of the best headsets of 2018 for some direction.

Digital Cameras

We live in a photo-focused world—Instagram demands it! But if you want to take pictures that deliver beyond the capabilities of your phone, you need a real camera. As with most tech gadgets, your options are nearly limitless. Based on your parameters, from cost to zoom to size, there are a lot of ways to take great shots. Have a look at SmSmthis round-up of the best digital cameras to come out this year.

Small Tech Gadgets–Portable Chargers

There’s nothing that creates panic quite like watching the charge on your phone slowly approach zero. From missed alarms to a silent commute, the consequences of a dead phone can put you in a compromising position. There’s a salve for your anxiety: the portable charger. Whether you need as much power as possible for a camping trip or you just need a back-up for your commute, a portable charger will buy you some time and peace of mind.

Smart Home–Video Doorbell

Smart homes are the playground of tech gadgets! They can turn on your lights, adjust your thermostat, order dinner and more. We already dedicated a blog to this topic. For the purposes of this blog, we’ll explore just one smart home option: the video doorbell. Use it for security by being able to see who’s at your front door. Monitor package delivery and know when the kids get home from school. Opt for  a live feed or 24/7 recording, depending on your needs and control issues. Of all the smart home options, a video doorbell is one of the most popular and versatile.


Black Friday is a great time to purchase more expensive tech gadgets, thanks to deep discounts. The price of a 4K TV  has really fallen in the last year. In fact, we saw a flyer with a 55-inch 4K UHD TV advertised for just $499! For a closer look at what 4K is all about, check out this recent blog INTERNAL LINK  Now that content is finally supporting the format, investing in a 4K UHD TV makes sense. Here’s a tip: the bigger the screen, the better the 4K image. By the way, Key West Video shoots in 4K. Call us today if you’re interested in seeing how good we can make your business look.

Black Friday Deals

If you’re looking for sales today, there are tech gadgets for big spenders and the more thrifty gift-giver alike. We have a feeling our group will make a few purchases from the items in this blog. Happy shopping!

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