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Teleprompter for Corporate Videos

Are using Teleprompters necessary when shooting a Corporate Video?

Maybe you are hesitant in using teleprompters because you want your corporate video to seem unscripted and natural…and think using a teleprompter will make it look like your presenter is reading directly from the screen.

It will be an added expense on your budget, but let’s find out if using one will be beneficial for your corporate video.

Teleprompters are Time Efficient

It saves time for everyone. Let’s say your presenter is a senior executive, and he will be delivering a long presentation. Senior executives are usually on a tight deadline, and just don’t have hours of time away from the office to be spent in a shoot. Using a teleprompters would save hours of his time. Even if you hired a professional actor, and they memorized their script beforehand that doesn’t guarantee you a fluid read like a teleprompter would.


We are all human, and with that comes a natural stumble when we talk (ughs/umm’s). Reading from a teleprompter just brings a fluid read. You’re already investing thousands of dollars in this corporate video, so it wouldn’t make sense not using a teleprompter and having your presenter look unprofessional and inexperienced.  Using a teleprompter will make your talent look and sound more professional.

Sounding Natural

If you think that using a teleprompter will make your presenter look like he is directly reading from the prompter think again! It’s all in your script. If you want a more natural speech, make sure its written out like that for your presenter. To avoid the “directly reading from the teleprompter look” make sure that your presenter goes through the script and practices his lines before the shoot. Even though there is a teleprompter there the presenter should always know the material.

The only CON with using a teleprompter is the added expense of it on your budget. Although when you use a teleprompter, in the end you will save money on the production cost because you wont need as many shooting days.

For corporate video, not using a teleprompter just makes the overall look unprofessional and sloppy.

The difference between sounding and looking natural or looking like a deer caught in headlights is completely in your control.

Here at Key West, you can use our teleprompter services for your corporate video for the low price of $250.

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