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Testimonial videos are a great way to boost your SEO and credibility. If you’re looking to create a testimonial video look no further, Key West Video has some advice you’ll want to take. 

Why Use a Testimonial Video?

Testimonials are a great way to promote your product or service by using real people. This brings a level of authenticity to your brand that client’s will love. Testimonial’s bring more exposure to your site, increase your credibility and help with SEO.

Why do they work?

Testimonials work because they validate the claims the a particular company makes about their product or service. These videos garner confidence and instil trust in future customers. They provide an unbiased, emotional and unscripted opinion that potential customers will value.

Composition of a Testimonial Video

When making your testimonial video its important to position the subject on the left or right of the centre. Use the rule of thirds to create a technically correct and visually appealing video. Another important technical aspect to remember is to ensure that the subject looks at the interviewer and not into the camera. The interviewer should be positioned right next to the camera. Having your subject and interviewer positioned this way will give a more natural look to the video.

The interviewer plays an important part in fostering the emotional connection and helping that shine through the screen.

How Should the Client Answer the Questions?

When you ask your client the questions make sure they incorporate your question into their answer. This will allow for a better flow when the editing is done in post-production since the interviewer will be cut out.

How to Choose a Client

When picking a client to give a testimonial try to pick a client that has had a truly great experience with your company. Not everyone is comfortable on camera so if you know your client isn’t camera shy, that’s even better! If you do have a client who has great things to say but is battling their nerves follow these steps.

Have a pre-interview with your client to get them into the groove of things. Brief them on how the day will go and most importantly, keep the interview as conversational as possible.

Are you looking to do a testimonial video for your company? Contact Key West Video today!

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