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Website Testimonial Video Marketing Improves Business Reputation:

The most powerful tools you can have on your website today are video testimonials, and lots of them. With a big return on investment they will also live on, via YouTube and the internet, forever. The more testimonials you can get the more social influence you will be able to have. The more online visibility, the stronger the reputation.

KEYWEST VIDEO (Toronto) – People are cautious. Consumers are diligent. Customers help customers. A testimonial is an important factor when bolstering your business’s reputation.

Any review or testimonial can help your business shine and should always be added to your marketing mix. The best marketing department at your disposal are your already happy customers, and if you can get them on video, that is even better.

Video Testimonials are recorded statements that support your credibility and level of expertise. Video appeals emotionally and is one of the types of marketing strategies you should always add to your website and social media plan to strengthen your reputation by expressing the trust that other people have in you and your business offerings. The success of the business depends heavily on word of mouth so having a testimonial on your website is essentially doing this for your visitors.

In the past people have written testimonials for people or businesses they have worked with, which were then put on their websites or brochures to give them social evidence of a great product or service. However today, video is a much more powerful medium to show your potential clients that you have exceeded the expectations of your previous clients. Strategic and intelligent use of testimonials can go a long way in promoting your business.

If you have a good product or service, you don’t necessarily need paid actors to sell your business, just willing customers that help you to attract a deeper interest from perspective clients and existing clients. Successful marketing plans with video testimonials from loyal customers are critical to turning prospects into future customers.

More than ever new clients want real social evidence of the competence of the business they are about to engage. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets your prospected customers can research you at key decision making moments with concern to your business. That means you have to ensure a competitive strategy for quickly establishing the credibility of your site and the personality of your company in an emotionally compelling way.  This can be accomplished by placing a testimonial video right on your home page. A positive testimonial can be the deal breaker.

If someone has had a great experience with you they may feel they want to tell everyone about the experience. There has been a huge increase in trust based on social media sources which fundamentally come from customer peers. When someone can actually see and hear a person who has characteristics and consumer experiences similar to the viewer, they are more likely to believe that testimonial to be authentic and thus be more responsive and loyal.

The great thing about video testimonials is that they don’t always need to come from a customer of yours. They can also come from people who work with you and are connected to selling your product or service. Anything that shows people that you’re company is a great one to work with or for will help your image.

The average new website visitor spends a matter of seconds on a website. Investing to draw visitors to your site, through SEO, SEM, blog posting, or any other tactic, isn’t well spent unless you are sure you can win over your visitors within those seconds. A video by its very medium of communication is already a more trustworthy model than just text or even an accompanying photo.

Testimonial videos placed on a Facebook page have proven to generate lots of word-of-mouth buzz through additional views and comments. Every reputable company should be using their past happy clients to spread the message for them. It makes a lot of sense in 2013 to scale back some of your usual advertising spending and invest a little in getting a high quality testimonial video praising you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are many opportunistic places where you can place your testimonials. You can put them on your blog, website, brochures, sales pages, press releases, direct mail letters, etc. You should make full use of your social media channels to spread the word regarding your testimonials, share it with as many people as possible in as many places as possible. It will strengthen your reputation and presence online.

Video testimonials are on the rise these days and Internet marketers have already started considering them to be one of the most powerful and effective mediums to attract potential customers. Many business owners don’t realize the importance of video testimonials and their advantages online, they struggle to bring in more traffic to their web sites. Video Testimonials are the solution.

About Keywest Video Testimonials

At Keywest, we have 20 years in the business, work for the Fortune 500, and have won 9 Consumer Choice Awards. We cater to clients worldwide. Corporate Video Production is a specialized profession that is not our only focus. We offer Training, Website Videos, Animation, Commercial Production, Event Planning, Photography Services, Videographer Services Seminar and Conference Media Solutions. At Keywest we strive to solve your biggest challenges with amazing video.

With Keywest we can assist to put together a list of questions that can help get the most natural responses out of your client and effectively translate their positive experience with you on film. We will make sure your client is comfortable with what is being asked and ready be a star.

The video testimonial will relate to your business and the results you have achieved for your client. Such as: Did you exceed their expectations? Did you finish their project ahead of schedule? Did you communicate consistently when working together?
The quality of sound on your video testimonial has to be very good. When your client is relaying an important message, you don’t want anything to be taking away from what they are saying. Keywest will utilize industry leading recording devices will ensure that your testimonial comes through loud can clear.“Quiet on the set”…

Production Stage: Keywest produces sharp visuals and engaging stories. We don’t just point and shoot while your client goes into a whole lot of irrelevant detail.  We make sure that the final edited testimonial will grab potential clients who are interested in a certain amount of detail of how you have done a fantastic job. Our videogoraphers can incorporate some b-roll footage that shows that you really have done business with your client.
Post-Production Stage: If there are 15 minutes of footage of your client saying great things about you, Keywest Editors can bring it 1 minute, find the best pieces of footage and bring the storyline together so that your key points are covered. The testimonial will flow well and will be engaging.

Delivery Stage: Publishing your video online is easy. We will send you a web file to upload your video to YouTube (great for SEO) or Vimeo. Make sure you tag your video so it can be found when people search for you or your company, and write a description about the testimonial with a link back to your website.

Upload your video testimonials on all your social media links, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+, LinkedIn, your blogs, email signatures etc. Why? Because EVERYONE should know about the great work you have been doing! Social media is a FREE source for being seen and heard, so don’t miss this opportunity..

If you have been thinking about getting a video testimonial for your business and want get them online without any fuss, then give us a call. We would love to talk to you about how we can maximise the use of video testimonials for your business and get people talking.

Successful Video Testimonial should be created by a professional, because they know how to shoot a video testimonial in the right length and in the proper way, so that the final product captures the visitor’s attention. Below you will find a few reasons why you should hire a professional to create a video testimonial.

For further information please visit https://www.

Keywest Video Inc -Corporate Video Blog -Testimonial Video and Business
Keywest Video Inc -Corporate Video Blog -Testimonial Video and Business


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