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More often than not, #corporate #companies will resort to #client #testimonials when #marketing their #brand. After all, what better way to increase #visibility?

Believe it or not, client testimonials are not as easy as it sounds. The last thing you want to come across as is phony. Consider this: potential #clients will be drawn to the quality, sound, and overall tone of your testimonials. If the subject in the video isn’t really saying much, your product or service becomes a hard sell.

Here are 3 surefire ways to make sure you are making exceptional video testimonials:

1. Authenticity

You should want your testimonials to sound as authentic as possible. If you have #camera-ready, passionate clients at your disposal, utilize them! A #charismatic client will trump any actor with their #passion, #knowledge and overall presence on camera.

2. Information

Additionally, you want testimonials that #inform your #audience. Testimonials like “I felt great after” or “This was awesome!”, while fine, sound much too generic. We always tell our clients that we should assume their audience is as intelligent as they are. An informed customer is a happy customer.

3. Stunning Video Quality

It should go without saying that you want your #video #quality to be the best it can possibly be. A well-shot, well-lit video testimonial not only conveys #professionalism, but shows that you are also #committed to bringing the best quality #content to your audience.

We at Key West Video are committed to providing the best in #corporate #video #production, and are aimed at bringing you the best in client #service. Check out our portfolio and contact us for a quote today!

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