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Happy Valentine’s Day! While your customers may not be your first thought on a day that celebrates love, it’s still a good idea to tell them that they give you the warm fuzzies. A simple thank you goes a long way.

Small Business, Big Return

Part of the charm and attraction of a small business is dedicated, personal service. It’s why people go to you and not the big guy! Thank them personally to reinforce that idea.

thank you
Thank your customers with a personalized corporate video

There are a lot of ways to thank your customers. Of course, we favor a video thank you.  Keep it simple, or create a customer appreciation day. Perhaps even give them an incentive to return with a promo at the end of your video? An offer for a discount or package deal takes your thank you to the next level.

Individualize your Thank You

A video thank you is a chance to show your company’s personality. It doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple appearance on-camera and maybe a call out to special businesses or key people makes a big impact. Think of how good you feel when someone recognizes you as contributing to their success.


That customer appreciation video is for your clients. Really, it is! But it’s also for you. Making existing and loyal patrons feel appreciated creates a good impression that’s likely to pay off. The gesture shows you’re not just after new business, but you want to maintain your existing relationships. That can motivate your customers to stick with you in the future.

thank you
A thank you can prompt a good rating

Never underestimate the value of a personal touch. Aside from return business, your show of appreciation could generate positive word of mouth and result in new business. Maybe the customer will even share your video or give you a good rating online? Any of these actions could lead to more exposure and potential connections.


We think saying thanks is important, so thanks for reading our blog. Let’s keep this relationship going with a phone call. With any luck, next Valentine’s Day we can celebrate a year together.

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