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Which Themes In Corporate Video Are The Most Popular?

Themes are important in any body of work. Corporate video is no exception.

In fact, themes are essential to literally any creative piece of content.

Whether it’s books, video games, songs, exhibits or video, there usually is some sort of connecting thread between the visual elements we see. Books often hold specific messages for their readers. They also use symbolism and motifs (a dominant idea in literature) to highlight what the book is all about.

Music and song lyrics carry obvious themes, usually of love and betrayal.

When it comes to more image-based mediums, like photography, video games, and video, the spectrum broadens a bit.

Which Themes In Corporate Video Are The Most Popular?
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We’re given a more wider medium in which creators have more room to play. Suddenly, we’re able to explore multiple motifs through moving images. We can choose whether or not to make it symbolically minimalistic, or have visuals serve underneath dialogue and/or text.

In corporate video specifically, they operate similarly to Nike fitness commercials. We often see words like teamwork, motivation, innovation, inspiration (and the list goes on) thrown around as corporate videos explore what it means to work at a company. They typically want to show how updated and relevant they are in their industry, and will aim to uphold a professional and trustworthy image.

Corporate videos usually include a sense of “corporate family”. Regardless of the brand or target audience, they almost always want to send messages sense of unity, pride, and togetherness.

Another common trait of corporate video is the ability to inspire confidence. Most videos are meant for viewers to feel good about the brands they use. They want to have faith in the products, services, or goods they’re using. Corporate video sometimes uses traditional values to reach core audiences and appeal to their interests.

Here at Key West Video, we’ve become familiar with all sorts of corporate themes over the years. For more information about the services we provide, or to visit our online portfolio, visit our website today!

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