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We’ve all heard of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. However have you heard of Tik Tok?

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok was originally known as The app was full of creators lip-syncing to popular videos, and making little music videos. Once the app became Tik Tok it has become full of original content. You can find vlogs, product review, dance videos, comedy sketches, cooking videos. The possibilities are endless and no matter what your brand is there is always a clever way to incorporate Tik Tok into your social media strategy.

How it works

Tik Tok is broken up into two feeds of content, “Following” and “For You”. The “following” feed is self -explanatory, it’s the page where you’re given content by the people you follow. The “For You” page is a different story entirely. Comparable to Instagram’s explore page this page is what gets your content out to specifically targeted audiences based on interests and types of content each user is engaging with.

Why Should I Care?

You should care because this is the future of marketing and its a huge missed opportunity to be missing out on this very interesting platform. When you hope on various trends on the app your content might get distributed on the For You page. This will boost your followers and engagement. If you link to your Instagram you can bring people back to you Instagram if they click on the details of your profile.

The app creates an environment where a type of “Micro Blogging” can take place. It’s the bite-sized version of Youtube! It also offers plenty of opportunity for user-generated content that really engage your followers.

How are you going to start using Tik Tok for your social media marketing needs? Let us know in the comments.

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