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How To Find The Right Tone For Your Corporate Video

People often underestimate just how important tone is in a corporate video is.

But it makes all the difference. Your tone plays a huge part in the way your video will be received.

Hear us out.

Tone sets a particular mood for a piece of content. It can be felt in video/film/television, heard in music, and even sometimes seen in photography, paintings, and books.

It encapsulates an attitude, a vibe, and a feeling all in one. It’s the difference between an upbeat commercial and a sobering public service announcement.

It’s important to determine your video’s intent. What is its purpose? Is this video being made to elicit emotion? Or to challenge viewers to think? Is it a call to action? Should it be inspirational? Deciding how you want viewers to react to your content helps set the tone for your overall music.

Once intent is set, you can decide on the nitty-gritty. What kinds of shots will you use? Will conventional medium shots of workers in factory lines get your straightforward message across? Or do you want intriguing, unconventional angles to challenge viewers’ perspectives?

Another thing that affects the mood of a film is music. Music plays a huge part in setting the right tone for your content. Fast-paced versus slow or orchestra versus urban make a huge difference in helping the audience understand your intended vision. Companies often choose music from free music libraries to help set the right atmosphere for their corporate video(s). In the odd case, companies will purchase popular music to attract audiences, become relevant, and solidify their corporate style.

Here at Key West Video, we work hard to determine the right tone for our clients and their corporate video. We work back and forth with clients to better understand their brands, their creative intentions, and their corporate video goals. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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