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Training videos are a major component of the Key West Video work schedule. We typically have several in production at any given time. Why are they so popular? Video is an excellent way to communicate with staff in an engaging and memorable way. Here are some of the specifics related to the value of training videos.

Boost Interest and Engagement

The training part of a job isn’t very appealing for most employees. It often happens at the start of a new position or when processes change, which can be a stressful time. Training can also be considered a boring requirement. Video addresses these concerns by providing useful information in an engaging format. The Pictoral Superiority Effect supports the potency of video learning. See the explainer below to understand how this effect works.

Role-Playing and Scenarios

Have you ever heard the adage Do as I say and not as I do? Clearly illustrating how you want an employee to perform goes a long way. We’ve produced a number of training videos that use role-playing to instruct the viewer how to act in specific situations. This is especially useful for public-facing employees. Showing workers the kind of interactions they’re likely to encounter in their job gives them the confidence to know how to react in that situation. It also ensures they know company protocol. For role-playing videos, we can use employees or cast actors.

Training Videos are Portable and Adaptable

Video training benefits from being inherently flexible. Once your training videos are complete, you have access to this training tool anytime, anywhere. Gather new employees in a room to watch the video together or send individuals a link to review when they have time. If workers are watching on their own, they can view at their own pace. They can return to any unclear sections and replay for better understanding.

page from training video
Video training gets the same info to everyone

Another advantage of video training is consistency. All employees are getting the same information, which means everyone is on the same page. If your processes or policies change, the video can be updated so it’s always current.


Online videos can include interactive elements such as clickable content and simulations. These are useful for understanding and learning how to deal with different complex scenarios. Employees will be able to see how these scenarios play out depending on their actions and the response. Such training tools are useful for helping employees gauge what to do and what to avoid in specific situations.

two hotel employees stand in front of desk
Train employees in any location with video

Workforces can be a diverse group divided by employee background and location. Training videos easily accommodate diversity and multiculturalism in the workplace. Although videos may be produced in one language, the medium allows for dubbing or subtitles in any language. This accommodation is an easy way to make sure you’re reaching all employees with standard information, regardless of their language or location.

Training Videos are Cost-effective

Training videos are economical time-savers. How much time and money is spent by your staff training new employees? Compare this to a video that can easily be sent to new joiners. Not to mention that a video link can replace out-of-town training sessions. Whether you opt for animation or live-action, you can clearly explain what you expect of your employees. When it comes to cost, investing in training videos is money well spent. In fact, we think you may be surprised at the affordability of corporate video production. Call us today for a free quote and make Key West Video part of your training team.

This blog was originally posted in 2013 and has been updated for accuracy

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