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Translate Video for Better ROI

Making a corporate video is a great way to communicate. But completing a video is only the beginning! Once the video is finished, there are ways to translate your project and keep the conversation going.

Translate the Message

Translating a video into other languages means getting more bang for your buck. If you live in Canada, a natural choice would be to have a video in both English and French. Are you targetting clients outside the country? Translations can be done in any language, letting you take advantage of a larger viewership base.

Translate your message for a wider reach

Language translation can be done in a few ways. Let’s say you have an English video that you want translated to Spanish. The English audio will be removed and replaced with Spanish throughout the video, whether it’s voice-over or on-camera. Subtitles work well on their own, or in conjunction with the Spanish audio. Finally, dubbing or lip-syncing matches the lip movements of the original actors as much as possible. If you want to see an example, the series A Bad Lip Reading uses the principle of dubbing to hilarious effect.

Translate the Text

Should you choose to translate your completed video to another language, the audio isn’t the only consideration. If your project includes text or any images with text, it’s a good idea to translate that element, too. This additional translation ensures your audience is getting the full effect of your video.


There’s an argument that advocates for using subtitles on all video productions. For one thing, many people view videos without sound. Adding subtitles to your video means the viewer is effectively reading your message. Viewers who can’t hear the audio due to a hearing impairment, loud noise in the vicinity or muted content can still follow along with this option.

Further, studies have shown that reading makes a visual more memorable. In essence, it’s a double whammy. The viewer is seeing and hearing your message, plus it’s also being processed by way of reading. So is it a triple whammy?

We’re Multilingual

We can translate your video to any language

At Key West Video, we translate your video into any language. Call us today and let’s talk about how your video can transcend the language barrier.

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