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Digital Media vs. Transmedia Storytelling In Corporate Video

Chances are if you’ve worked in the media world for more than five minutes, you’ve heard the term transmedia storytelling thrown around a few times.

And when it comes to digital and transmedia storytelling, it’s not difficult to get thrown off.

After all, what is the difference?

Digital Media vs. Transmedia Storytelling In Corporate Video
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Well, with digital media, we’re more often than not seeing a more traditional form of digital storytelling. It usually involves some form of film-related techniques. This can be seen with full-motion video with sound, stills, audio, or any other sort of electronic file. When it comes down to it, it’s really just picking a digital or online medium as a way of telling a story.

We do it every day. Social media has provided us with the necessary tools to tell our stories across the internet, reaching millions in seconds. We write online fan fiction. We update our Facebook status. We follow threads on Reddit. We blog on Tumblr. No matter which online platform, we’re contributed to our digital presence in some way or another. We’re creating a profile for ourselves and telling our own narrative.

Transmedia storytelling, however, is not that straightforward. It often involves multiple platforms in order to tell a story. It also incorporates various formats by using digital technologies. A single story could start on social media, continue on to an online video game, and conclude on a company website. When Japanese company Sapporo first appeared on TV,  it did an excellent job teasing viewers with an ambiguous commercial advertising their website. Curious viewers who wanted to know more about the brand visited the website only to play an online game. Upon completion of multiple levels, viewers gained access to the full site and were able to view the product – beer.

This transmedia way of getting audiences involved was brilliant. It involved at least two platforms (TV and internet/computer) to get a message across. Now, as audiences are becoming more and more clever, companies could benefit greatly from regular incorporation of transmedia storytelling.

No matter the platform, transmedia will guarantee an engaged audience. Think of it as a virtual egg-hunt for your brand. For companies mapping out their 2017 video marketing strategies, transmedia storytelling is an excellent consideration.

What are some ways you can incorporate transmedia with your video marketing campaign?

Here at Key West Video, we specialize in creating compelling content across multiple platforms. For more information on the services we provide, visit our website today!

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