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Is Transmedia the Future of Corporate Video Marketing?

Transmedia is making more and more companies reconsider the way they reach their audiences.

Gone are the days when media relied on a single platform to get their message across. Transmedia has officially taken over.

Though transmedia storytelling typically relies on just that – storytelling – a lot of corporate companies can take away the tactics transmedia uses. Often, companies with larger budgets can create a movement with their marketing campaign. This means reaching mass audiences with content marketable enough to make it easy to carry across platforms.

In the entertainment world, a transmedia marketing campaign could mean building an entire world. Think of the Matrix franchise, DC, or Marvel; they’ve built an entire universe dedicated to continuing the world. Their franchise is carried through merchandise, books/graphic novels, films, video games and more.

If you’re grappling with whether or not you should take the transmedic approach, consider weighing your options first. Is Transmedia the Future of Corporate Video Marketing?


First, let’s start with some of the reasons why companies would not want to go the transmedic route. One reoccurring reason might be that some companies fear their message not translating well across the different platforms. Undoubtedly, more work is required to format campaign messages to specific mediums. Some companies simply do not have a sizeable budget.


Another worry is when it comes to partnering up with other companies for marketing campaigns and promotions. It can be difficult to come up with a unified message in the first place when it comes to dealing with big corporations. When transmedia is involved, the message must not only be unified – it must be straightforward and strong enough to be understood by all parties involved.

This is the reason why a lot of artists operate independently with a cross-platform market – it is easier to retain a singular, consistent message.


Some upsides to transmedia marketing are, of course, the reach. You are now reaching your audience in a multitude of ways. What’s more is that you are now also able to expand your audience. This means a wider range your brand can now access. It also means shaping your content for each platform in order to cater to different audiences. For example, if you were offering an online service, it would be safe to assume that a lot of your traffic would come from mobile users. This could translate to creating an app specifically for those users who are, on average, the Millennials and Generation Ys of our time.

Another upside is the idea of hiding clues in multiple areas. With a wider reach, you’re able to incorporate elements of your brand on different platforms. This adds a bit of fun to your marketing campaign; by planting ‘clues,’ audiences are forced to participate differently to grasp your full outreach.

Audience participation is essential to transmedic storytelling. It ensures that your audience is fully engaged. It gives the audience a sense of purpose by providing specific roles and goals for them to achieve. It is a way of fragmenting a message to push your audience to think critically in a fun way.

So what will you choose? While transmedia comes with its own set of perks and downsides, it’s important to determine what platform(s) fit your message best and which audience you’re servicing. Here at Key West Video, we offer a multitude of services in order to best serviced our clients’ needs. To check out more on who we are and what we do, check out our website today!

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