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Corporate Video Trends for 2013

Corporate Video has transformed over the past few years. With newer technology available today and the growing trends taking effect at a rapid rate, it’s important to keep up to date, so your corporate video doesn’t look out of date. Let’s take a look at the latest Corporate Video Trends:

Here are the top 5 recent Corporate Video Trends for 2013:

  1. Corporate videos are becoming shorter. A few years ago, the ideal length was 3 minutes, and now the standard has changed to anywhere between 60 and 120 seconds, and that number is continuing to shrink. Why? Because the attention spans of people are shrinking. There is so much happening on the web now that people are moving on to the next video at a faster rate.  Now, before watching videos, people are beginning to check out the length of the video itself. If there is another video available with an even shorter time, people will choose to watch that video instead. Mobile video viewing is also growing at a substantial rate. People don’t necessarily have as much time to look at a longer video as they do while sitting at a computer.
  2. Corporate videos are becoming more social. Corporate videos have teamed up with many online social platforms (i.e. YouTube).  Corporate videos are now known as second – only to word of mouth – in its power to influence consumers on their purchasing decisions. This growing trend is a major component of marketing corporate videos, and should not be overlooked by businesses.
  3. The use of animation in corporate videos is becoming more popular. An animation is not what it used to be.  It is now used to spruce up corporate videos while bringing a high-quality look and feel to them. For more information, visit our blog on animation.
  4. The style of corporate video. The recent trends for style in corporate videos are slowly changing. Style choices consist of using larger sensor cameras to attain the shallow depth of field look, adding more movement, as well as masking office settings through green screens or backdrops. With this changing trend, the divide between amateur and professional corporate video has grown substantially.
  5. The focus on having a good storyboard. It used to be all about having a solid script, but now storyboards are becoming a huge part of the pre-production stage. Check out our previous post about the importance of storyboards, and why they are essential when it comes to corporate videos.
Corporate Video Trends
Key West Video Inc. – Corporate Video Production Toronto

Here at Key West, we keep up-to-date with all the current corporate video trends. We know the importance of each growing trend, and strive to utilize all of them when producing our corporate videos.

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