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Try video for a trustworthy reputation

Building trust with customers is an essential part of any successful business. A trustworthy reputation will attract new customers, retain existing customers and spread the good word about your service or product. One of the best trust-building tools is video. Pick the approach that works for you and watch your business flourish.

Trustworthy Reputation & Testimonials

Testimonials work. Real people talking about real experiences with your business or product create trust in a company. This type of endorsement is often more believable than having the president of tell you that they represent something great. Testimonials are also a chance for a potential customer to see your team, service or product in action.

The Soft Sell

Go easy on the hard sell. Try a more relaxed approach by providing useful and interesting information. Then let the customer draw their own conclusion. This way, the buyer has the power and feels they’ve made the decision rather than having a decision forced on them.

Here’s a novel idea: don’t sell anything! Instead, show your business doing good. Are you participating in a charity event? Make a video that shows the team in action. This creates good feelings that viewers relate to your brand. The next time someone is looking for a business like yours, they may remember how you raised all that money at the charity bowling event.

Emotional Connection

Try video for a trustworthy reputation
Videos that elicit emotion are remembered

A video with an emotional connection builds trust. When a viewer relates to your video on an emotional level, they create a bond. A positive association is made with your business and they remember you.

Emotional connections can be made on many levels. Any video that makes you feel something works. So use humour, tug at the heart strings or give everyone the warm fuzzies. However you do it, make a video that feels personal. With that personal connection, you’re building trust.

Shares & Likes

Try video for a trustworthy reputation
Sharing your video is an endorsement

A video is a shareable commodity. When someone passes along your video, they’re endorsing you. That’s a vote of confidence and a show of trust. Plus, it’s really quick and easy to share a link making people more inclined to do it.

Transparency & a Trustworthy Reputation

Video provides an opportunity for a business to be transparent. Another word for transparency? Honesty–a very trustworthy trait. Try a company branding video that shows some behind-the-scenes action. Introduce employees engaged in their work. Share a personal story of customer success. All of this makes your company more personable and trustworthy. And if you’re making an internal video, transparency can build employee trust.

The Problem Solver

Try video for a trustworthy reputation
Provide the solution for your customer

If you’ve been having trouble finding babysitters in your area and you see a video for an app that sources reliable, vetted services that are location-specific? This company just solved your problem! Think about your target market and clearly address their pain points. A potential customer will be glad to hear that you have the solution. Go the extra mile with your video by providing some proof your product works in the form of statistics, testimonials or demonstrations.

Trust Us with Your Video

At Key West Video, we’ll work with you to reach your customer. From testimonials to explainers, we have the experience to gain the trust of your customers. Call us today for a free quote.

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