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In a quest for more visual representation, Facebook and Twitter have set their eyes on the big screen – television.

Facebook Live, Facebook’s newest feature, is set to deliver live stream video for its users – on TV. According to the New York Post, both Facebook and Twitter have begun approaching television execs and programmers to implement this live stream service.

Facebook Live, operating similarly to YouTube, stream and share live video on one’s feed.

Though much is still being discussed behind closed doors, it’s clear that there are a lot of possibilities for Facebook Live. One may be that Facebook, like YouTube, is working on a system to monetize its content. Another is that it’s possible Facebook may even provide a bundle of programming to its users.

Twitter and Facebook Fight for TV Spots

The motivation? Well, some might argue that both Facebook and Twitter bring a more youthful, user-friendly demographic to TV. This is an obvious incentive for television programmers. Since the rise of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Shomi and Amazon, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach younger, targeted demographics.

When it comes to the ad world, this could be especially good news. We all know how much time and effort is spent on social media online – if there is a larger platform, this could be a “holy grail” for television programmers and advertisers alike to reach desired audiences.

But is the incentive high enough for those behind TV? Neither Facebook or Twitter heavily rely on monetization, making it difficult to determine whether TV execs would want to take that risk. Nevertheless, Zuckerberg has publicly made it known that Facebook is focused on creating its own content for monetized consumption.

Twitter and Facebook Fight for TV Spots

Another interesting thing to note is that Facebook is also not interested in the rights for existing or new television programs. That means creating, generating and sharing entirely new and organic content, specific to its brand.

Likewise with Twitter (which used Meerkat to broadcast its live content to Twitter followers and now Periscope to stream live events), it is also interested in widening its scope to the new forum.

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