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two cameras

In the world of corporate video production, two cameras are better than one. Yes, this is a generalization because there will always be times when one camera will suffice or maybe more than two cameras are needed. These multi-setups offer the kind of flexibility and insurance you want on a shoot.

Never Miss a Moment

The most obvious reason to use two cameras is to make sure nothing gets missed. Let’s say you’re in the middle of an emotional interview or the CEO of a company is making a great point with true enthusiasm—and someone bumps the tripod. With a single camera, that moment is lost. With the multi-camera setup, you have a backup. Same goes for an unforeseen issue with batteries, lighting or an equipment glitch.

two cameras
Equipment issues can be negated with multi-setup

Multi-camera setups are also great for capturing a live moment. Let’s return to that excited CEO. With dual points of view, the editor can cut between the video footage and give an already impassioned statement extra oomph. Having the option of more than one shot, framed differently, means the editor can emphasize important parts of a video.

You’ve got the Look

Interviews and testimonials can be a little dry. We can liven up the footage visually with a backdrop, lighting, and add-ons like graphics in post-production. It’s also handy to have two camera angles to work within the edit suite. Changing up the shot can be used to stress a point by the speaker or break up a long answer. Visual variety is important to keep the viewer interested.

The second angle can be a stylized shot. With one camera positioned to capture the speaker head-on, the other one can be used to show a long shot where the subject’s hands can be seen gesticulating. Or use the second camera to show the entire area to give perspective on the space. Think of the second angle as an artistic opportunity.

Save in the Long-Run

two cameras
Save time and money in the edit suite

A client will save time and money in post-production by spending it up-front on multi-setups. A second angle will always give an editor a place to go. If the speaker has a lot of “Ummm” or gaps in their speech, the second camera acts as an eraser. Editors can also glue two answers together into one coherent sentence or thought if there’s a second shot to use as a joining point.

The camera operator sets up post-production by making sure the editor will be able to cut between the video footage without any issues. That means things like lighting and white balance are uniform so that going from one shot to another isn’t jarring. Whether the second shot happened right after the first shot or twenty minutes later, the flow between shots should be seamless.

Multi-Camera Professionals

We shoot a lot of two-camera setups at Key West Video.  Call us today for a free quote and let’s talk about your next video.

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