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Why You Should Have Updated Stock #Footage Just In Case

Most companies should have a heavy roster of stock footage on deck for rainy days.

And like anything kept in bulk, stock footage should be well-maintained.

Whether you’re looking to purchase footage or get rid excess footage from a production, there is something both buyers and sellers should take note of; and that’s the type of footage they’re dealing with.

Why You Should Have Updated Stock #Footage
Photo credit: zimpenfish via / CC BY-SA

Stock footage, at its core, is throw away footage. Usually accumulated from a multitude of sets and locations, the footage is stored away to use for other productions. In the long run, having a heavy roster of stock footage can benefit both companies and filmmakers alike when it comes to having additional pre-shot content ready to use.

For those behind the scenes, it can be cost-effective; having that content can save time and money as production companies or brands won’t have to go through the process of rescheduling extra days for production. For videographers, editors, and virtually anyone behind the camera, keeping note of stock footage also means it can be made available for purchase online. In the past, we’ve mentioned a few resources for purchasing footage.

The word ‘stock’ itself is not limited to just one medium. Though it quite often refers to video, the term stock can also include music and images as well.

Ultimately shooting fast-motion content at a higher shutter speed makes for cool imagery, and in the long run, it gives it a wider appeal. Consider a waterfall: it can be difficult to capture each water droplet at a low shutter speed on a digital camera. Shooting at a higher shutter speed can give the illusion of a moving image or time-lapse, and removing the otherwise inevitable blur that comes with shooting moving objects.

Here at Key West Video, we strive to provide the best quality product available. Whether this means purchasing additional stock footage or shooting our own, we do our best to give you the best. For more on our portfolio or services, visit our website today!

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