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How A Vacation Can Help Your Company's Corporate Video

Everyone needs a vacation.

From low-level employees to high-level execs, everyone, at some point needs a vacation.

Some travel across the world.

Some have mini staycations (vacations close to home or days off).

Whatever it is, you, at some point, will need to get away from it all. For those in the corporate world, it’s especially necessary to take time off from the monotony of everyday work. But for those working in creative industries, a vacation is almost crucial to your mental and artistic survival.

Your mind constantly needs new stimuli in order to keep generating new ideas. For those in art world (specifically corporate video, filmmaking, and television), new experiences are vital to reset your creativity.

And no, we don’t mean making a travel video.

How A Vacation Can Help Your Company's Corporate Video
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We mean going out into the world and having new experiences, seeing new sights, and smelling new smells. We emphasize being awoken to music on the streets in languages we don’t understand and eating new foods we can’t pronounce.

We want you to ignite and quench your sense of wanderlust in a meaningful way to better inform your art. We also encourage creatives to get out there and learn (and unlearn) the way you’ve been brought up in a particular society in contrast with others.

For those working in the corporate video production realm, this is a callout post for you.

When’s the last time you were able to travel and expand your mind?

Taking meaningful vacations can enhance your understanding of the world through new architecture, colour palettes, and inspiring new visuals. This helps your clients who seek out fresh and new innovative ideas and makes you an ideal choice when searching for creative direction.

Here at Key West Video, we encourage our creators to go out and live their best lives to stimulate creativity. For more information on our production company, visit our website today!

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