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2020 has definitely been one crazy ride. This year has been filled with so many twists and turns. The loss of Kobe, Corona Virus, and killer bees. It’s safe to say that this time indoors has allowed us to reflect and think, giving us time to learn some valuable lessons. We’ve all had our own unique set of challenges throughout 2020, but there are a few lessons that I think we’ve learned as a society.

valuable lessons - predictionsYou Can’t Predict Anything

We all entered 2020 with “2020 vision” and thought we were prepared for what it had in store. Though having a plan and goals is strongly encouraged, the truth is we really can’t plan for all the crazy twists life has in store for us. 2020 has forced all of us to live in the moment and tackle things as they come, which is a skill in itself.

You Need to Learn How to Adapt

All of us were forced to change the way we operate this year. In-office companies went fully remote and had to learn how to communicate with their teams via zoom. Your morning routine of going to the gym changed to working out at home or not working out a lot. At the rate that the world is changing, learning to adapt is a crucial skill that’s beneficial not only in your professional life but also in your personal life. Who knows what curveballs 2021 will throw at us.

Your Mental Health is a Priority

The unexpected changes that 2020 brought resulted in people losing their jobs, switching homes, struggling to make ends meet, or just being valuable lessons - mental healththrown out of a comfortable routine. These changes can really throw us for a loop, so you must be prioritizing your mental health. If you have benefits that cover mental health services, make use of them! Even dedicating time in your day as “you” time to do things that bring you joy is important. There are also a couple of options for online mental health assistance that you can turn to if you’re looking for resources on the go.

Be Open-Minded

Having a lot of time to ourselves this year and seeing the social and cultural shifts in our society, being open-minded has become a must for personal and professional growth. This year as we learned about a plethora of world issues, keeping open-minded allowed us to learn from our mistakes and understand others. Being open-minded allows us to grow as an individual but also as a society.

What are some of the valuable lessons you’ve learned this year? Let us know in the comments!

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