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Video announcements aren’t a new concept. They’ve been used for professional communication and personal declaration for years. Who among us hasn’t received a baby announcement or wedding announcement starring the parents-to-be or the happy couple? When it comes to corporate video announcements, there are a number of reasons they work well.

video announcements work
Video is a great tool for announcements

First, the Good News

Video is a great medium for expressing emotion. It does what a memo, email and word-of-mouth often cannot: connect with the audience. A quick, personal congratulations from the boss after a big project goes a long way.  Same goes for a thank you.

Video also works well for short announcements. Longer videos tend to lose viewers after about 90 seconds. If you’re thinking about sending an email blast to tell employees something they need to know, why not use video instead?  If it’s a relatively short message, your audience will listen. Plus, a video grabs attention better than an email.

If you’re looking to introduce a larger issue, video is a good place to start. It can be used as a heads-up for employees. Relay the big picture in an announcement and then schedule a meeting to go over specifics.  Following up with an assembly that allows time for questions is a good idea.

Addressing the state of your industry is another smart use of video announcements. Keep employees up-to-date with brief info sessions. You can use graphics, charts or other visuals to help illustrate content and keep your team at the top of their game.

Finally, if you need people to take action, video can be used as a CTA (Call to Action). Is the company changing security measures and everyone needs a new pass? Tell them with a video, including instructions on what they need to do.

And the Bad News


Telling your employees that a beloved former colleague has passed away is never easy. If you do this through email, it can feel pretty impersonal and even cold.  Just as with good news, video can be used to express emotion in bad news situations.

Niche Video Announcements

church video announcements
Church video announcements are a thriving niche market

A word about honing in on your audience. You may or may not be surprised to learn that church video announcements are big business. There are production companies dedicated to producing announcements and other church-related content and businesses specializing in “church technical leadership”. Like any business with a number of employees, churches have a number of members who need to know the scoop when it comes to their organization. As always, video is a great way to disseminate information.


If you have a message that needs to be communicated, Key West Video is here to help. Whether you need to format video you’ve shot or you want us to build your video from the ground up, call us today for a quote.

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