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Believe it or not, videotaped auditions and corporate video are a lot more intertwined than you think.

Videotaped auditions are just what they sound like – an audition that is videotaped.

Now, here at Key West Video, we’re a fully serviced corporate video production company with an in-house studio. This means that our services include taped auditions for actors looking to build their reels.

But for those wondering what the differences are between a taped video audition, well there aren’t too many.

Auditions and Corporate Video

Both audition tapes and corporate videos are trying to sell you something. Whether it’s the actor trying to “sell” his or her performance, or the on-camera talent (or even executive) trying to sell you a product or service, you’re still being coaxed into “buying” something – be it a performance or a tangible thing. And it should go without saying that corporations often hire actors to sell their product. Google and Telus do this all the time.

An audition video can also speak directly to the camera. An actor is often facing the director/casting director, or camera (in lieu of the director). He or she makes the necessary eye contact and addresses his or her subject. Likewise, with corporate video, the talent is often giving information preceding a call to action. It only makes sense that he or she addresses the camera (read: the audience), as well.

Lastly, they’re both scripted. As an actor, he or she is more than likely acting out something that was scripted and memorized beforehand. Likewise, in corporate video, there is a rough script of what the on-camera talent will say to the camera. Both operate similarly for different effects.

Here at Key West Video, we do our best to make sure that all sorts of on-camera needs are met, including auditions! For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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