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Utilizing Video Blogs to Become a Thought Expert

Video blogs, or as some refer to them as, vlogs, are a great tool to help you become an expert. Whatever field you are in, there is always the opportunity to gain a wider following, and have more individuals listen to what you have to say. This is beneficial for many reasons, but most importantly to help promote yourself and thus your brand.Video blogs

Stacey Waxman, in an article on Viral Blog, states that the tool of becoming a content expert, “proved incredibly effective for many people in 2013, and it will likely remain integral to the way business owners communicate with prospective clients this year, too.” Therefore, if you haven’t started Vlogging, or using other tools to get your expertise out there, it may be something that you should consider.

Video blogs are a great way to increase your authority and expertise in your field. They not only showcase that you understand and comprehend the content, but also that you have the confidence to put a name to it as well. Instead of hiding behind words on a page, you are actively putting yourself out there, thus standing behind what you have to say. You are providing a human face to your company, which in today’s digital landscape can be a huge benefit.

Another major upside to vlogging is the SEO benefits. Danny Brent, a guest author on REEL SEO, stated that,

“when vlogging you’re putting up new content that you can link to all over the web on your social media accounts: other people can then ‘like’, retweet or ‘+1’ which, will give you a higher ranking on search engines.”

This can be additionally beneficial if you incorporate written content in addition to your video blog. Written content is the best for spiders crawling your content, and indexing your blog pages for SEO reasons. But the vlog itself is most beneficial in order to get readers to connect with your content. The visual nature of vlogs is much more interactive and engaging than just the written word itself.

If you don’t know where to get started, take a look at our blog post, Vlogs: The Why & How. And if you are interested in getting package prices to professionally record your next vlog contact Key West Video!

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