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Video Editing: the art of assembling the thoughts and shots of many!

Video editing requires several gallons of coffee
Video editing requires several gallons of coffee

Like the minister who pronounces young lovers husband and wife, like the baker who mixes all the farmers ingredients together to form a cake, the #VideoEditor is the one who takes pieces of a project and assembles them into a video masterpiece!

A  lot of hands, hearts and minds go into video production.

The #Client
The #Writer
The #Director
The #Actors
The #CameraCrew

All these people have a stake in the production of the company’s dream video. They all have ideas of how they want it to look, sound and feel. The client comes to us looking for professional assistance in producing their corporate video. They meet with us and we “flesh out” ideas. The writer develops those into a script. We consider their thoughts and ideas and how they wish to portray their company when writing the drafts of their scripts, but also keeping in mind what we know works best and looks best in video production. After a final draft is written we gear-up for shoot day. The director, actors and camera crew are then added to the mix. The director directs the actual film making process on shoot day. That means everything from instructing an experienced camera crew on what and how to capture the footage as well as guiding the actors/performers and making sure to get that shot!

The Editor is apart of the post-production team and often overlooked or forgotten.
The Director calls “cut”, “print”, followed by “that’s a wrap” and we think, Success! Its over and ready to go! Not quite….

The Director, writer, actor and camera crew can all go home and put this project to rest, but now it is the Editors chance to step in and work his/her magic.
Video editing is a very tedious and complicated job, but a rewarding one as well.
An editor takes a bunch of raw footage, cuts, takes, images, audio, graphics, etc and assembles it. It is like putting together a puzzle of 1000+ pieces. Video editing requires concentration, attention to even the smallest details, organization, strategy and patients (and coffee)
An editor takes all the hopes and dreams of all those that participated in the production prior and makes them all work together, like a machine, and creates the final product for all to see.

Take a look at one of @keywest_video  past productions, a promotional video for #RenaldoGairy #Way2FitTraining

Think of the video editor as a mechanic. He/she takes working parts and makes them all work together! So next time you get your dream video produced, don’t forget to thank the one behind the computer screen!

Here are more examples of the powers an editor possesses!

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