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Essential qualities that make a good Video Editor:

One who is a good storyteller:

A good video editor knows how to tell a story. Once a production is ready, it’s up to the editor to compile all of the raw elements. In the instance of corporate video, editors are responsible for making decisions from the various scenes and takes. Although they will have notes from others, such as the director and camera operator, the editor is responsible for choosing the best take. Editors have to make judgment calls on a constant basis and with these judgment calls come the justification of their choices. Editors have to know the placement and determine what is best: in some cases, taking a particular section of a script and placing it somewhere else may end up telling a better story – it’s the editor who decides on such matters.

One with a straightforward approach:

Essentially, a good video editor should be able to watch a video and immediately know what is unnecessary. They can determine exactly how long it will take to tell a story. Sometimes, a client may request a ten-minute video; an editor may decide that, based on the script, the client’s needs, and the story they are trying to tell, five minutes may indeed be a more suitable length. Editors must be able to tell their clients exactly what footage is not needed within the video and why to help them better understand the differences in the sequences, and to see why the story and message will be stronger because of it.

One with “many hats”:

A good video editor is not merely able to cut and paste the footage in front of them. There is much more to post-production than this. An excellent video editor must be able to perform all the tasks associated with producing the final video for their client. In some cases, these tasks may include: color correction, adjusting the audio, and even possessing an in-depth knowledge of software such as Adobe After Effects if graphics or animation are required.

One with a personable and friendly attitude:

Although a good video editor may not be your best friend – bear in mind that editors spend most of their time editing alone in a dark room for extended periods of time – he or she needs to be personable enough to have a friendly discussion with their client. Since most of the editing process can be done solely online these days, not every editor may believe that possessing a good attitude is an asset to their job. However, some companies (including ourselves here at Key West Video) offer in-office editing opportunities where clients can sit down with the editor in the edit suite and voice their changes and opinions in regards to the final product. A good video editor needs to be able to listen to and understand their client’s requirements and vision; however, he or she should also be capable of voicing an opinion and justifying these decisions without hesitation.

One with a good technical knowledge:

An editor’s skills and ability should not end at post-production software. He or she should be familiar with all aspects of computing technology. For instance, a good editor must be well-versed in the multitude of video codecs and file types so that they can provide their client with the most appropriate format of their video and meet their needs. They must also be able to troubleshoot – Editors should be capable of determining the fastest and most efficient way of helping their client view their video when they are having any technical difficulties playing the video.

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