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Video editors play a huge role in the production process. Editing is “where the magic happens” and editors are the magicians. It’s important to have a well-rounded and talented editor working on your productions in order to guarantee the best results.

video editor suite
Project taking shape in the edit suite

First of all, it’s pretty clear that your editor needs to be able to edit. An editor should be well versed in a variety of mainstream editing software, among other things. However, their technical knowledge doesn’t just end there. An excellent editor must be able to perform all the tasks associated with producing the final video for their client, such as audio post-production, colour correction, etc. Many editors are also required to have some degree of motion graphics knowledge, using software such as After Effects, etc. as they will have to incorporate these elements into their videos (to an extent, of course). A good editor will be quite knowledgeable about many aspects of computing technology, seeing as they will have to deal with a variety of codecs and formats – it is important that your editor knows exactly what formats and codecs are required to meet your clients’ needs. Editors also need to be excellent at troubleshooting since there are many instances in which videos simply do not play – a good editor knows the steps required to get to the root of the issue and help themselves and/or the client view the video.

An #editor is just a storyteller. Although producers and videographers may be the ones that actually gather the footage, the editor is one that puts it all together. The editor will determine exactly how the footage will come across. Editors may receive some assistance in this aspect – scripts from the client, notes from the producer, etc. – however, it’s the editor’s responsibility to choose the best take. Along with choosing the best footage, the editor will also determine the length of the video. We find that many clients request a much longer video than necessary. An editor will help you create a shorter video that is more interesting to watch, yet still conveys all of the necessary information. In this instance, your editor will explain to you why they have omitted certain footage and how your story can be told in a clear and concise manner. It is the editor’s job to determine what footage is best and how exactly it should be placed within the video in order to guarantee an amazing story.

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