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At Key West Video, we deliver projects in a variety of formats. Depending on how a video will be used, we tailor the format to suit client needs. After all, a lot of work goes into producing a video so you want to make sure the audience is seeing the correct version.

MP4 is the Industry Standard Format

MP4 text and download button
Most video is delivered by MP4

Typically, we deliver projects as an  MP4. An MP4 is a video file format commonly used to download videos and stream videos online. This format can also be used for audio and still images. Furthermore, MP4 is an international standard for audio and video coding that’s been around since 2001. This format allows files to be compressed to save space without impacting the quality of the content. For an audio-only file, we use MP3. For stills, we’re likely to use JPG format. Animation is also delivered via MP4.

Platforms, Channels, and Social Media

Most of the videos we produce are either created specifically for social media or will eventually be posted online. If a client ever has a question about how to post their video on social media or include in any other channel, we can offer guidance. Requesting a format that’s mobile-friendly is common—did you know that  55% of people view online videos every day? We can also edit a longer video into snackable content and provide GIFs, loops, and content that’s HTML5 compatible.

man looks at phone on train platform
Mobile-friendly video is a top request

Outdated Formats

Video formats have come a long way since we got into video production 30 years ago. However, we do get the occasional request for an older format. If you want a DVD, Blu-ray, or even VHS copy of your video, we can do that. To each their own!

A Video for any Occasion

Wherever and however a client intends to use video, we can provide the corresponding format. Key West Video creates commercials for broadcast, we supply videos to be included in PowerPoint presentations, and our projects are shown on video walls. It’s our job to be experts in the industry and guide clients when it comes to video production. Give us a call today and let’s start work on your next video.

This blog was originally posted in 2011 and has been updated for accuracy.

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