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Video Job Description

You’re in the market for a new job. You spend time looking at job boards and resources like LinkedIn, but what makes a potential employer stand out? As an employer, what recruiting efforts are worth the effort? Invest in the adage show, don’t tell with a video job description.

What is a Video Job Description (V.J.D.)?

Show enthusiasm with a video job description
Show enthusiasm with a VJD

The essence of a job can be difficult to convey on the page. Video fills in gaps and gives potential hires a better idea of what to expect in the workplace. A video job description allows the viewer to gain perspective on the position, the physical space and the people who could become colleagues.

One important note: a V.J.D. should not replace the written job description. Instead, it should supplement the more traditional format. Think of it as an add-on that boosts job visibility.

Employer Benefits

Attract top candidates with a video job description
Attract top candidates with a V.J.D.

Too often, a job hunt seems one-sided. The employer needs to make itself appealing, rather than having the attitude that a successful candidate should be thankful for the opportunity to work for them. A video job description lets a business promote the job and the company.

If you’re advertising to fill a position that’s popular, a V.J.D. stands out and works to combat job search fatigue. When someone has already read twenty descriptions for the same position, a video will draw attention and be a welcome oasis in a sea of text.  Your efforts will be rewarded!

When it comes to selecting the person who will be the face of the job, choose wisely. Use an employee who can articulate the position and is enthusiastic about their work. Another option is to have several people speak briefly about the job. The hiring manager is an obvious choice as the person who knows the details and the kind of candidate they’d like to recruit.

Employee Benefits

Video job description sells the job
Highlight job benefits with a V.J.D.

‘Fit’ is a word often used when it comes to hiring. Is the candidate a good fit? Is the company a good fit for the candidate? As a potential hire, hearing directly from someone at the company, or directly from someone who has the job, can be hugely beneficial. It’s a touchpoint that a written description lacks, giving the job a personal connection.

A V.J.D. paired with a written job description paints a vivid picture. Along with the employee or employees who appear on-camera, a V.J.D. is an opportunity to see the office space and amenities. The viewer has an image to accompany the job title, making the employer a stand-out.

Video Job Description for Hire

Whether you choose to make a V.J.D. that showcases one job in a competitive market or opt to make a series of videos for all job openings, Key West Video is here to help. Call us today for a quote and let’s fill that position!

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