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How You Can Improve Your Video Marketing Campaign

When was the last time you invested into a proper video marketing campaign? Did you know what was ahead of you?

A Video Marketing Campaign takes time and effort. You’ve made an attention-grabbing corporate video campaign that speaks directly to your audience.

You’ve done all the research, brought on the best possible team, and have shot your best footage.

You did all the work you thought was necessary for a great campaign, but for some reason, it doesn’t go as expected. So you reassessed.

And after you swept through all that could have gone wrong, the problem was there, staring back directly at you in the face.

You were missing five key components that could have made the world of difference had you recognized them the first time around.

They were:


People often underestimate the importance of having a strong, air-tight script. In the corporate video world, not only do most corporate videos require an adequate amount of information, but they also require poignancy, brevity, and an enticing way to keep an audience engaged.


Of equal importance are graphics. You’re most likely a corporate company striving to expand and maintain a professional image. It only makes sense that you want your  video marketing campaign to reflect as such. With that being said, graphics play an instrumental role in adding overall professionalism to your video content.


No matter how dry you may think your content is, any good corporate video production company (like us) should be able to pinpoint and identify the strongest, most compelling shots to go along with your video’s message.

Call to Action

Arguably the most forgotten-about segment of a video marketing campaign is the call to action. And by forgotten, we mean there is a significantly less amount of emphasis placed on a call to action when video marketers are trying to persuade their audiences to purchase their service or product.

Here at Key West Video, we specialize in customizing our video marketing strategies to suit our clients’ needs. For more information on the services we provide, visit our website today!

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