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Video Metrics

Video metrics is a marketing term used to measure the success of an online video. It’s a way to determine how impactful and effective your message is, and a guide to what’s working and what missed the mark. A good video host will give you this feedback, but you still need to know how to interpret the information. Here are some of the most important video metrics and what they mean.

View Count

A view count is pretty self-explanatory: it’s a count of how many times your video was viewed. What isn’t so simple is how these views are counted. Depending on where your video was viewed, the count is calculated differently. For Facebook and Instagram, a three-second view of any length video gets full credit. On YouTube, a video needs to be viewed for about 30 seconds.

Play Rate

Play rate refers to the percentage of people who clicked play on your video and started watching it. There’s also a metric called play-through rate, which is a measurement of how many people not only clicked on your video, but stayed and watched until the end. Placing your video on the right platform for your target market will increase your play rate.


Engagement dives a little deeper into the metrics pool by giving you information about the quality of your views. With this number, you see how long viewers are watching your videos. You can use this measurement to spot trends like where people are dropping off, which can tell you how much of the message they’re actually receiving. This insight can affect how you attempt to reach viewers in future videos.

Social Sharing

Shares are a good thing! A share means more people are seeing your video. In fact, it means people are recommending your video. While likes are also an indication of how your video has been received, shares are an even stronger endorsement of your content. And if viewers are commenting on your video? Then you have first-hand feedback that can be hugely useful.

Conversion Rate

Your goal is to get viewers to respond to your CTA. Conversion is the ultimate in metrics. If someone watched your video and then did whatever you asked them to do, they’re a conversion. The best way to get a viewer to follow your CTA is to make it as simple as possible by including a link or a button that makes it easy for them to follow through.


We already touched on comments under social sharing. This is like having a consumer panel at your disposal. People will tell you through comments how they reacted to your video. A warning that online comments can be unfiltered, so don’t be surprised if you get both good and bad feedback that is frank. Either way, these observations can shape your marketing initiatives moving forward.

Next Step

Key West Video isn’t a marketing company, but we do produce videos that can reach your target market. Understanding how to measure the success of your corporate video helps you, and us, create the perfect video for your business! Call us today for a quote.

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