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You’re interested in the field of video production and have decided you want to be a video producer. Great! Now what? Video production is no easy feat and often takes a team of people to take the project from start to finish. The role of a producer combines, business, people, and creative skills to put together amazing videos. The role comes with a lot of pressure and isn’t for the faint of heart so we decided to give you a rundown of the role and some of the hard and soft skills you’ll need to make it in this business.

What exactly is a Video Producer responsible for?

The producer has a lot of responsibilities across all stages of production. In pre-production, the producer is responsible for casting, securing location, and ensuring that the project is within budget. When we get to the production stage, the Producer ensures everything runs smoothly on set. They can help direct on-screen talent if there’s no designated director and ask interview questions. In prep for the production the producer also has to ensure all the necessary crew is locked in. In post-production, the producer can be responsible for ensuring client feedback is passed on for edits.

What Hard Skills does a Producer need?

The industry is always changing and evolving, therefore so are the hard skills you need to have. It’s always great to have an overview and understanding of what each department does so that you can seamlessly manage all departments. If you have knowledge of the technology used in production it’s easy to manage the expectations of the client. There’s plenty of industry-standard software that you can use and having a knowledge of this software is important. Producers use software to budget, make call sheets, and manage shot lists.

What about Soft Skills?

Producers need plenty of soft skills in order to balance the many hats they wear. The main ones are staying organized and managing time. Projects have a lot of moving parts on the go, without exceptional organizational skills it will be really difficult to keep everything on track. Producers also need to be very flexible. In this industry, plans change all the time. You need to think on your feet and be ready to tackle problems as they come. Video producers also need to be able to work with people. Let us just say, if you hate talking to people, this job is NOT for you. This industry is all about connections, negotiating, and getting the most bang for your buck.

Have you considered becoming a video producer? If so, what about the job appeals to you? Being a producer can be a very exciting job, do you think you have what it takes?

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